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The Weather Channel Has Created Another Terrifying Immersive Video, This Time About Wildfires

Mind. Blown.


Remember the weather channel report that recently took the internet by storm, the one that showed a reporter in a mixed reality screen being surrounded by rising flood waters?

The report was truly groundbreaking, like nothing we’ve ever seen before in weather reporting. It was incredible from a technical aspect and even more so for its ability to drive home the true devastation that the floods were having in the wake of Storm Florence.

Well now they’re back with an even more terrifying glimpse into the process of spreading wildfires.

The new new immersive, mixed-reality video explains the effect of wildfires and how fast they can spread, as flames engulf the reporter who is made to look as if she’s stood in the middle of the forest.

The whole thing is genuinely mind-blowing. Those who have seen it have been heaping deserving praise on the Weather Channel’s new approach to these weather disasters.

Discussing the new approach, Mike Potts, vice-president of design for The Weather Group, explained the need for realness.

“It had to be real. Our whole goal was to elicit this visceral response. The danger of storm surge is so powerful. There’s been many ways in the past. You can communicate the data and the warnings that are put out. But we wanted to connect with the audience in a very immediate and powerful way.”

I mean, they’ve certainly ticked that box, the whole thing is harrowing.


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