There’s An Instagram Account Dedicated To People Missing Their Train And It’s Golden

Is there a sadness like it?


For anyone who’s forced into taking the train to work every morning, they will know what a hellish experience it can be.

Train services in the UK come in for particularly heavy criticism and most of the time it’s completely justified. I mean, let’s face it, they’re awful.

In fact there’s very few things that can unite the British population quite like our hatred for public transport and the misery it causes us on a regular basis.

Another thing we’re insanely good at is poking fun at ourselves (and others), now more than ever with the rise of things like camera phones and social media platforms.

A splendid result of that pairing has gifted us this Instagram account, dedicated simply to people narrowly missing their trains combined with hilariously fitting and melodramatic captions.

There’s all kinds of failure-to-boards, from heartbreaking near-misses to completely bizarre attempts to make a last minute dart for the door.

Our favourite has got to be this one though, wait for it, it catches you off-guard.

We’re also huge fans of the whole ‘style it out’ reaction, as if the person never even wanted to get on the train anyway. Late for work? Who cares, just stretching my legs.

The combination of empathy and genuine laughter has made this account our favourite discovery in a very long time.

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