There’s A New Gameshow To Help People Get Rid Of Their Student Debt

Will literally try anything at this point.

Student debt in America has become an increasing concern for everyone who has had to pay their way through education. 

Host, Michael Torpey, hopes to create a solution to the $1.5 trillion of student debt that the country has accumulated with his comedic trivia show.

Torpey (“Orange is the New Black”, “VEEP”) was inspired by his wife who was $40,000 in student debt and was struggling to pay it off doing odd jobs while also trying to get her license as a mental health counsellor.

Paid Off is an opportunity for students to win money to pay off their loans by answering trivia questions and taking part in challenges.

In the first season, the show awarded almost $500,000 to students in over 16 episodes. Torpey spoke about his experience helping students struggling with loans:

“I feel very lucky to be able to help these folks, but I also feel a great responsibility. I’m asking these contestants to share their stories, personal lives and finances with everyone in hopes that the more people talk about their debt, the less stigmatized it will be. They shouldn’t feel shame about the fact that they borrowed money to get an education.”

Paid off With Michael Torpey premieres Tuesday, July 10, at 10 p.m. ET on truTV.

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