There’s A Spooning Pillow That Stops Your Arm From Aching

We’re over the ‘spoon’

Coodle Pillow

Having a partner can be great to keep your bed (and heart) warm during those cold winter nights, but there’s also some drawbacks. As well night terrors (that’s if you’re me), there’s also that dreaded ‘dead arm’.

We’ve all been there in the middle of a cute little spoon with your loved one, only to realise they’ve fallen asleep on your arm and you’re left with either chewing it off 127 Hours-style or waiting for your arm to slowly go numb.

It turns out you can now buy a pillow that stops your arm from dropping off while you enjoy a spooning sesh. I think we’re all asking where the hell this has been our entire lives.

Coodle Pillow

The Coodle Pillow is available to buy on Amazon from $49.00. Don’t worry if you aren’t in a relationship though, you can still buy one. To be honest, I often sleep wrapped around my own arm and wake up with a numb one.

You could also use it to prop yourself up and watch TV in bed, it could be a dinner tray, or it could be a stand for your laptop.

If you still aren’t sold, the Coodle Pillow’s official website makes it sound even better. I’ll take 12 please!

Coodle Pillow

“The amazing Coodle is a one of a kind pillow. Its revolutionary patented brace design system completely prevents the weight of your head or your cuddle partner’s head from squashing your arm. Now your arm won’t fall asleep or go numb. Snuggle comfortably all night long!

There are tons of uses for the Coodle. Use it while you side sleep or spoon with your partner. Prop your head up with a Coodle while watching TV or using your electronic device. Take it camping or on your next road trip.

The Coodle is made from high quality US made foam. The braces and cloth covers are created here in America and everything is assembled in the golden state.”

So if you find yourself constantly getting a numb arm after cuddling your loved one before sleep, this is definitely the product for you.

[Featured Image Credit: Coodle Pillow/Amazon]

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