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There’s A Way You Can Still Buy Cadbury’s Discontinued Dream Bar

A chip off the old ‘choc’

Cadbury Dream Bar

If you want a taste of noughties nostalgia, it turns out you can still pick up the fan-favourite Dream chocolate bar. The white chocolate beauty was a favourite of Cadbury’s line-up and famously was the sponsor of Coronation Street in the United Kingdom.

Although you can’t pick them up on the British high street anymore, chocoholics can reportedly grab a Dream Bar online. Sold by a South African company called Sanza, the Dream Bar is £1.80 for 50g and £5.45 for 200g.

Sanza already has our mouths watering with its description of the Dream Bar: “Creamy, delicious, smooth, melt in your mouth, real white chocolate which contains cocoa butter”. The Dream Bar launched in the UK back in 2002 — a year after it went on sale in Australia and New Zealand.

Although Aussies can still buy the Dream Bar, they were slowly phased out in the UK. While you still have to take shipping costs into consideration from Sanza, that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts already buying the chocolate in droves.

Dream Bar UK

One happy shopper wrote, “I used to have these as a treat when I was younger, being the best white chocolate id ever had I was gutted to find it gone from the UK. It tastes just as it did, and the shipping is so quick!”

Elsewhere, Cadbury has released a brand new range of chocolate bars is As is usually the case though, there’s a catch. Only one of the new flavours will be made permanent and whichever that will be is up to you.

The three new flavours are: Choca-latte, Simply the Zest and Raspberry Shortcake and have all been created as part of Cadbury’s inventor competition.

Entrants to the competition had to come up with three ingredients, a name and explain what had inspired their creation.

Cadbury Inventor Project

The Chocoa-latte flavour was inspired by 17-year-old Callum’s love for coffee. The teenager from Ireland says he even dreams of setting up his own coffee business one day. The new chocolate bar contains coffee cream and vanilla sandwiched between the iconic Cadbury’s Daily Milk.

The Raspberry Shortcake flavour was created by 44-year-old teacher Melanie from Manchester. The keen dessert-maker’s flavour has white chocolate and shortcake in between Dairy Milk chocolate.

Finally is Simply the Zest, created by 25-year-old Neelam from Leeds. The new take on the chocolate orange flavour brings the new addition of caramel and biscuit.

The limited edition bars are available from £1.49 from June 1 and the British public have been tasked with voting for their favourite flavour on.

[Featured Image: Warner Bros./Cadbury]

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