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These Artists Will Pay You £21k A Year To Do Whatever You Want

No. Seriously.


The term ‘dream job’ gets thrown around way too often these days, we’re all guilty of it.

Though getting paid to do literally whatever you want, surely it doesn’t come much better than that?

Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby, are two artists offering an “eternal employee” role in a train station in Gothenburg, Sweden.

All the pair require of you is to clock in and out every day, paying you  £1,754 per month for the trouble of doing so. Whatever you do with the time in between is completely up to you.

So whether it’s sitting around watching your favourite shows or going to another job to double your earnings, you’re free to do as you please.

The project is meant to shine a light on the prevailing culture of productivity and ‘hard work’.

“The position holds no duties or responsibilities, other than that it should be carried out at Korsvägen [station],” the job description explains. “Whatever the employee choses to do constitutes the work. The employment contract is full time and of indefinite duration. Should the employee resign or retire, a new employee is recruited.”


“Eternal Employment not only offers a different understanding of work and the worker, but questions the very notions of growth, productivity and progress which are at the core of modernity.”

“In the face of mass automation and artificial intelligence, the impending threat/promise is that we will all become productively superfluous. We will all be employed at Korsvägen, as it were.”

So far the whole thing sounds too good to be true right? The only catch is that applications don’t actually open up until 2025, leaving you a good few years to debate what it is you would want to do with all that spare time and brush up on your Swedish. Oh and the successful applicant would need to move to Gothenburg.

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