This App Is Changing The Way We Tackle Mental Health Issues

A very different approach on a serious subject.

When we delve into society’s approach to tackling mental health problems, it usually makes for pretty heavy reading.

Of course, that isn’t a bad thing – mental health is a hugely important subject that we should be openly discussing. Both in our own circles and in the mainstream media.

That being said, there is never going to be a set formula for taking on the issue. Each case is completely unique to the person involved.  

With this in mind, perhaps we can approach the problem in a more light-hearted way? Obviously we’re not playing down the importance of mental health, quite the opposite.

Instead we’re suggesting an alternative take on self-care. Hear us out.

eQuoo is an emotional fitness game, that taps into the essential psychological skills we use every day.

Users will learn skills based on current psychological research, ones that could benefit a person’s relationships, be it at work, at home or in social situations.

They can then hone these skills by immersing themselves into storylines within the app. The thinking behind bringing these skills into this environment boils down to the way our body reacts to having fun.

Speaking to Silja Litvin, a psychologist and founder of PsycApps, she explained the reasoning behind the gaming element.

“People will be able to choose which storylines they want to immerse themselves into. If you learn something in a fun way, you release dopamine, making it much more probable that you will remember it when you need it.”


Litvin did add that the app isn’t intended to replace traditional face-to-face methods of mental health treatment, rather act as something to work alongside it.

“I don’t mean for eQuoo to exclude face-to-face, it can be for those who live too rural or are on a waiting list as well. eQuoo is perfectly good complimentary to face-to-face therapy.”

It’s no secret that mental health has become a growing concern, one that has been neglected for so many.

The World Health organisation says that depression alone will over take cancer as the global disease burden number one by 2030.

Suicide remains the biggest cause of death amongst men under 30. While self-harm in females has risen by 60% in the last five years.

The current system we have in place for helping those in need is clearly flawed.

Apps like eQuoo pose a readily accessible way for a person to begin on that path of seeking help.

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