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This Company Will Pay Someone To Travel The World For £2K A Week

I mean, this sounds ok I guess.


If you’re sick of the 9 to 5 life or generally have no idea what you’re going to do with yourself after university, we may have something for you.

Royal Caribbean international is looking for an apprentice, but if you’re thinking it’s the kind of job where you have to make loads of cups of tea and get paid in ‘experience’ then you’ve got another thing coming.

Not only is it all-expenses-paid, but you also get £2,000 ($2,600) each week for three weeks, which is the equivalent to an annual salary of £104,000. Nice.

Your job title is Shore Explorer, and basically you will act as an apprentice to Royal Caribbean’s Instagrammer-in-Chief, Russ Francis, who was appointed into the role following his application in 2016.

The three weeks will consist of a trip around the world, seeking out new land-based experiences that will ultimately influence the brand’s shore excursion programme for 2019 and beyond. You’ll also take part in a range of ‘bucket list experiences’. Fancy visiting a glacier in Alaska, exploring Osaka in Japan, white water rafting in the Norwegian Fjords, or riding the world’s longest urban zip wire in Dubai? No problem. Consider it done.


Plus, you’ll be one of the first to step foot on Royal Caribbean’s new and exclusive private island in the Caribbean, Perfect Day℠ at CocoCay®, set to open in May 2019. How amazing does that sound?

The only thing you have to do is document your days via Instagram, Insta-Stories and IGTV. Easiest job ever, surely?

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said: “We’re looking for an adrenaline junkie who is not only hungry for adventure, but also has a unique ability to capture a moment and tell a story in a simple social media post.

“We already offer a huge amount of incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, on-land experiences as part of our cruise holidays – from zip wires and white waterrafting, to walking on glaciers and hot air balloon rides.

“By launching this position, we’re hoping that the winning candidate will take our shore excursion programme to the next level.”

Keep an eye on Royal Caribbean’s Instagram for instructions on how to apply.


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