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This Company Will Pay You For Going To The Pub

A pretty sweet deal.


For many of us, few things in life can compete with meeting your mates in the pub on a Friday after work to kickstart the weekend.

It’s the ultimate simple pleasure, the only issue? Obviously it doesn’t come for free.

If it’s for you, there is a way that you could actually get paid for your time suppin’ – by ‘auditing’ your local pubs.


Serve Legal, who manage age restriction and media compliance testing up and down the UK, will pay you to carry out these audits.

The idea is that you’d be ensuring that pubs are carrying out their ‘Think 25’ policies and making sure underage customers aren’t being served.

It’s not just pubs either, other places you may be asked to ‘test’ include your local supermarkets, bookmakers, racecourses, cinemas, and more. Meaning you can be paid to do a whole host of activities that you might well have been doing anyway.

As it’s age-restriction testing, the company require you to be aged either 18 or 19 to be a certified ‘age-tester’ for pubs. If you’re interested in getting involved you can submit your application here.

If you’re older than that though you could still be eligible for other audits, for places like casinos and ensuring vouchers are handed out with products.


David Sharples, who’s one of Serve Legal’s Area Managers, explains “I think what really attracts our ‘auditors’ to come to work for us is the fact that they can get paid for doing what they might do anyway.

For example, they might be planning on heading to a certain pub, but if they can get paid for doing that, just for doing some age restriction testing while they’re there – then why wouldn’t they?”

David continued “It really is as rewarding as it sounds. There are so many different types of testing that we do, that I think people get really excited when they hear about us. All our different types of work – venue audits, home delivery testing, mystery shopping, pub audits – are well received by our auditor base.

The work offered is flexible and work’s around what our auditors want to do, which is attractive to people who are in education or possibly even other part-time jobs. However, some auditors do make this their full-time job, as the work is so well-paid and available.”

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