Tinder’s Upcoming Location Feature Is 100% Creepy

Can’t see this being too popular.

As if the world of online dating wasn’t scary enough already, Tinder pull out a feature that’s bound to cause controversy.

Tinder unveiled a string of new features recently, however it is their upcoming ‘Places’ addition that’s really gotten people talking. Many not for the right reasons.

What is Places?

Whilst the feature is still in its testing period, the initial idea is that the app can use your location to track down potential matches with similar interests.

So far, so good?

Basically, if you and a potential suitor both frequently visit the same bar, Tinder may push for a match.

They do say they’ve restricted the feature to social spaces, so no doctors, offices or anything like that. They also say your highlighted spots will expire after 28 days to other users, they may keep the data for themselves though to improve their product and learn which spots lead to most matches.

Despite that, it seems it would be fairly easy, god forbid, for a potential stalker to learn the habits of someone on the app. If someone has the same daily routine over 28 days it probably wouldn’t be the hardest task to cross paths.

What are Tinder saying about the feature?

In screenshots obtained by The Verge, Tinder describe Places as;

“Places brings people together by highlighting your common interests – the bar you love, your favourite coffee shop or the bike trail you visit on weekends. We will use your location to find the places you’ve been to recently and show you the people who have been to the same spots. For example, after you’ve left a wine bar, you’ll have the chance to swipe on people who share the same (exquisite) taste. They’ll see you’ve been there too, and if you match, you can strike up a conversation knowing you already have one thing in common.”

It basically sounds like the same sort of way happn works – with the intention of you finding people that you may have crossed paths with.

It’s no surprise Tinder are introducing new features, given that Facebook are set to also step into the competitive world of online dating.

For those feeling pretty uneasy about the addition, it seems like it will be an opt-in feature.

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