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Tinder’s Interactive Movie Actually Got An Amazing Reaction

Everyone hates Graham.


Despite the very mixed reaction, Black Mirror‘s venture into interactive programming in the form of Bandersnatch seems to have kickstarted something of a trend.

Following Charlie Brooker and Netflix’s experiment, Bear Grylls hosted his own choose-your-own-adventure style survival story and now dating app Tinder has followed suit.

Swipe Night “is a first-person, apocalyptic adventure where at key turning points, you get to decide what happens to you next. Your choices dictate more than just the story; they may also impact who you match with once the epic journey ends. Because let’s face it, if we knew the world was ending, we wouldn’t want to go at it alone. “

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Tinder’s effort has actually gone down pretty well, with users REALLY getting into the storylines.

How does it work? 

“As the story unfolds, you’ll face moral dilemmas and practical choices, with only seven seconds to decide and no going back. During the episode, you can pause at any time by tapping the center of the screen, as long as it isn’t during a story choice. Each episode takes about 5 minutes to experience.

“After each Swipe Night episode, your critical choices from the story will be added to your profile, showing which decisions you did or didn’t make to your potential matches. All of this new info will make for plenty of material for post-apocalyptic banter. If you prefer to keep this info private, you can do that by editing your profile.”

Also. Avoid Graham.

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