Tommy And Molly-Mae ‘Banned From Cast Holiday For Being Fake’


This year’s Love Island contestants were all invited on a cast holiday to celebrate the end of the series. However, three of the biggest stars were notably not in attendance: Tommy Fury, Molly-Mae Hague, and Amy Hart.

According to The Sun, the apparent reason why runners-up Tommy and Molly weren’t invited was reportedly due to the rest of the cast banning anyone who they ‘didn’t like’ or who were ‘fake’.

The trip consisted of Lucie Donlan, Jordan Hames, Belle Hassan, Joe Garratt, Chris Taylor, Tom Walker, Joanna Chimonides, Jourdan Riane, and Danny Williams.

The free cast holiday was apparently offered to a select group, however they were invited to bring friends along to the all-expenses-paid holiday. According to The Sun, it was organised by a clothing brand to celebrate Danny’s birthday.

A source told the paper: “They all agreed they didn’t want to invite anyone they didn’t like – such as the “fake people’,

“A few of them were very vocal about how they think Tommy and Molly are fake – they said all they did was sleep all day in the villa and nothing else,

“Everyone agreed they Tommy, Molly and Amy were banned from the trip and weren’t to be invited.”

The cast holiday has been shared by all of the Love Island stars on their Instagram accounts over the last few days.

This comes after Molly-Mae was criticised by fans after she ‘travelled on a private jet’ to get to an underage disco, where she was doing a meet and greet.

Blazers Longford posted an image of the Love Island star on their Facebook page, saying: “We’re a few hours away from out 2nd underage Disco in Blazers Longford with Love Island Special Guest Molly-Mae. Doors open 7:30pm. We have 20 tickets available on the door. Ticket only after that. See you there.”

A club shared a post on Facebook regarding Molly-Mae attending a meet and greet at their venue.

However, around the same time Molly-Mae shared an Instagram post of herself boarding a private jet. Fans were quick to jump in the comments section of the post, criticising her decision to fly private.

One commented: “Charging 18 quid to meet “fans” lmao”. Another added: “‘On the move’ …for an £18 meet and greet 😩😂 hate how most islanders afterwards act a cut above the rest, no one ever seems to keep it real 😴”.

Others were really unhappy with the environmental impact of the jet, with one saying: “Haven’t you herd of the climate crisis? Taking a private jest is not responsible in this day and age.If you are setting yourself up as a role model,read about global warming the impact taking a private jet has.Very bad example to set to young followers! [sic]”.

“Use of private jets is bad for the environment. You should be setting a better example,” fumed another.

Another raged: “Completely irresponsible taking a private jet from UK to Ireland. But then again image is everything these days isnt it [sic]”.

However, others stuck up for the influencer, saying: “Jeezzzzzz all these comments about she’s not thinking about the environment and all this bullsh*t are making me 🤣 im sure you wouldn’t turn down a private jett whys everyone got sh*t opinion [sic]”.

Molly-Mae has not commented on the post.

Featured image credit: Love Island/ITV2

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