Trump’s National Anthem Rendition Has Been Hilariously Dubbed Over


It gets better the more you watch it.

When Trump floundered in his attempts to sing along with the National Anthem he once again became the talk of the internet.

Attending a college football playoff game in Atlanta, Trump stood alongside military members and could not have looked more out of place as he struggled through the rendition.

Obviously, it was never going to be long before something like this came about as a result. So here is The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s hilarious take on the whole thing.

This comes not too long after his latest war of words with Kim Jong Un over who has the biggest nuclear button.

I don’t know, none of this even feels like real life anymore, who knows what’s next to come. The casual attitude being shown towards nuclear war has become so blasé even KFC are using it to tear into McDonalds.


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