Two Love Island Favourites Sensationally Quit The Villa



A favourite Love Island couple have quit the villa in a move that has shocked their fellow Islanders.

A source told the Sun Online: “No one expected these two to leave and it is a massive shock.

“Their fellow islanders were stunned when they spoke about their reasons for quitting.”

They continued: “It’s going to have a big effect on the show, it’s a huge bombshell, and they are going to be massively missed by their co-stars.”

The scenes will apparently be shown later this week.

Fans have taken to Twitter to speculate. One wrote: “would not be surprised if Georgia and Sam have walked. They seem to want to be together. And they will get all the P.A.’s, and mags with their ‘we couldn’t be in the villa unless we were together’ love story. #loveisland”

Another added: “So 2 #loveisland stars have quit hope its Georgia Alex or Laura”.

However, others seems to believe it’s Dani and Jack. In fact, there are even rumours that Jack had to leave for ‘personal reasons’ and Dani followed him.

Another added: “I saw something about jack left for personal reasons and dani left to be with him and apparently there’s a photo of them at the airport “.

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