Uber Is Changing The Way You Rate Your Driver

They’ve not had the easiest year.

For all of its well-documented flaws, Uber’s popularity is something that doesn’t seem to be budging any time soon.

A core feature of the taxi service is that users and drivers can both leave a rating for each other, which can impact how things like how quickly you can find a cab.

Until now that feature has been restricted until after the ride has finished. That could soon be about to change though, as Uber are planning on letting you leave your rating during the trip itself.

The new feature means that riders will be able to tip drivers and leave feedback before the journey is actually over.

Something that seems quite unusual, who knows what could happen?

One minute you’re assured, leisurely cruising with your driver – next he’s blurting out casually sexist jokes whilst he sieve’s through your medical records.

Both of those things have actually happened, they’re not bizarrely obscure references.

Uber say the new initiative is designed to “recognize top-quality drivers and encourage continued outstanding service.” whilst negative feedback will be used to improve the technology that governs how pickups work.

Thankfully, the feedback won’t actually be shared with the driver until the ride ends. Because you know, awkward.

The introduction of the feature is more to do with riders giving genuine feedback and constructive criticism, rather than rushing through it the next time they go to book a taxi.


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