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Unicorn Smarties Are Here And They Look Incredible

Everyone knows someone who would love this.

It feels like you can’t look anywhere on Instagram these days without seeing something unicorn-related.

This trend seems to have spread to the food and drink industry. Remember when Kelloggs brought out that weird unicorn cereal? Don’t worry, it didn’t taste like horse meat. It was just made to have pretty pastel coloured hoops.

Credit: Instagram

Well now Nestlé has got in on the action and has brought out their own Smarties – but a unicorn version. Cute.

Stephanie Scales, Brand Manager for Smarties, Nestlé UK,said: “We are really excited to launch Unicorn Smarties sharing bags which are right on trend for all of those completely under the spell of the unicorn craze to share with their families and friends.

Credit: Nestlé

Smarties is all about the colour and, if you are a fan of the colourful world of unicorns, then these are your perfectly Instagramable summer accessory for everything from road-trips to creative baking.

“And even if unicorns aren’t really your thing then that’s OK too because it’s still the same delicious taste of Smarties once you open the bag.”

A press release added: “These colourful, mythical creatures are a big deal right now and have been appearing all over the world as food and drink, clothing, nail-art and even tattoos, all shared in vibrant colours across social media.

“Smarties has been one of the UK’s most colourful confectionery brands for more than 80 years so it’s only right that you can now get these legendary sweets in a legendary unicorn styling.

“The sharing bags are a mix of delicious pink and blue Smarties in a trendy pastel-coloured sharing bag sporting a unicorn design.”

Unicorn Smarties are exclusive to ASDA stores across the country and will be available from Thursday 14th June.

To be fair, this is a genius bit of marketing. I bet you thought of someone as you were reading this as well. Fair play,.

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