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Virgin Holidays Is Looking To Hire A ‘Bartender In Paradise’

“You’ll pull pints in one of the most instagrammable drinking spots in the world.”


We know it’s hard to pinpoint what could be deemed a ‘dream job’ – everyone has different tastes and interests, so we all have our own ideas on the perfect career.

Though I think we’d all agree that manning the bar at one of the most insanely beautiful spots in the world wouldn’t be a bad way to earn a living.

Virgin Holidays is looking for someone to temporarily take over at Floyd’s Pelican bar in Jamaica – here’s a little snippet of what to expect…

“Say “Hi” to Floyd! He’s been pulling pints at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica since he opened it in 2001. And we think he needs a break! That’s where you come in — we’re looking for a bartender to head out to Jamaica to take Floyd’s place for a while.

Virgin Holidays

“You’ll pull pints in one of the most instagrammable drinking spots in the world. With flights and seven nights accommodation included, you’ll enjoy a taste (and a sip or two) of the Caribbean. Cheers to that!”

Supermodel Jodie Kidd, who will be helping to judge the applications, said: “I love being a pub landlady here in the UK, but if I had the opportunity to take the best of the job and do it all from an island paradise in the Caribbean, I wouldn’t say no.

“This is an incredible chance for anyone looking to combine the best job in the world with one of the best overseas destinations – and give a local legend a well-deserved holiday – so what are you waiting for?”

Joe Thompson, Managing Director of Virgin Holidays, said: “We think the Caribbean is your playground – filled with so much fun and beauty to explore, from the white beach sands to the vibrant culture.

“We have sent millions of British holiday-makers to explore this idyllic part of the world over the last few decades, but never like this.

“It’s an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the Jamaican culture – a once in a lifetime experience.”

If this sounds like a bit of you, head over to the Virgin Holidays website now and fill in a few details.

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