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Waitrose Is Selling Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake And It Looks Delicious

The cheesecake sounds so tasty.


I’m a big fan of anything that is smothered in Biscoff, so you can imagine my absolute delight when I come across this beauty – a cheesecake made with Biscoff spread and Lotus Biscoff biscuits.

English Cheesecake Co Baked Vanilla with Lotus Biscoff

Found in Waitrose for just £5, it’s a bit more on the expensive side of a treat, but when you’re paying for an ACTUAL Biscoff-made cheesecake, then you really can’t complain too much.

The cheesecake is suitable for vegetarians, and has been described on the Waitrose website as: “Rich baked vanilla cheesecake topped with delicious layers of Lotus Biscoff spread, finished with crushed Lotus Biscoff biscuit.

Although they aren’t available to buy, Biscoff McFlurries are officially a thing — you just have to use a little ingenuity.

Originally made as a Dutch biscuit to celebrate the festive season, Lotus brought Biscoff into our lives as those little biscuits that come with coffee. Everything from spreads to sauces are currently on the market, making Biscoff a sweet treat that’s great for your tastebuds and pretty bad for the waistline.

It may be a little cold for ice cream, but if you think it’s okay to eat a McFlurry any time of the year and are ready to forget your summer body, why not embrace Biscoff in all its caramalised glory?

Writing on Money Savers Online, one savvy shopper wrote, “Biscoff lovers try this… Get a plain McDonald’s McFlurry, then add some crushed up Biscoff biscuits! You’ll love it…”

The image showed some crumbled Biscoff biscuits swirled inside a McFlurry. Instagram account NewFoodsUK shared its own version and opted for the even more luxurious chocolate-covered Biscoff.

If your tastebuds are already tingling, I’ve got an even better idea. Why not slater your concoction with Biscoff sauce? Available on Amazon right now, Biscoff sauce comes in at a hefty £12.99.

Sadly, us Brits can’t take the credit for a Biscoff McFlurry. The biscuit beauty is already available in France and Spain. Those lucky, lucky people.

[Featured Image Credit: Waitrose / Lotus Biscoff]

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