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Warner Bros. Studio Tour Announces New Slytherin Attraction For 2020

Time to unleash your inner Draco.

If you’ve always imagined yourself to be a bit of a Slytherin, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London has officially announced that next summer will be dedicated to the serpent-based Hogwarts house.

The Studio Tour's Great Hall will be decked out in Slytherin colours. (Credit: Warner Bros)
Warner Bros.

Starting from Friday 3rd April to Sunday 6th September 2020 the studio tour will be dedicated to all things Slytherin, and will be decked out in green and silver to celebrate the house’s victory of the House Cup.

According to the Warner Bros website, guests will get to enjoy a grand feast in the Great Hall and will be surrounded by all the same banners that were used in the films.

After the feast, you will then get the chance to find out all the “the secrets behind the costumes and props belonging to the most sinister of Hogwarts houses.”

If you’re a Harry Potter fanatic, it’s very likely that you’ll have watched the films thousands of times, or even gone and read the books to discover how many differences there are between the two.

But Warner Bros., who are the brains behind the Harry Potter films, has revealed that there was one interesting element that they included in the films that not many people picked up on, and it’s in the form of Voldemort’s robe.

Basically, every single time one of his horcruxes are destroyed, Voldemort’s robe changes colour and fades – a bit of an on-screen poetic way of displaying his waning power.

Voldermort's cloak completely changes in colour as horcruxes are destroyed Credit: Warner Bros
Warner Bros.

The news was revealed on the official Instagram account for the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, where they captioned the photo: “Did you know? In the Harry Potter films, Voldemort’s robes faded in colour every time a Horcrux was destroyed, to give the impression he was slowly fading away.”

Apparently, when you’re on the Warner Bros Studio Tour, it is claimed that the costume team behind Harry Potter achieved the effect of Voldemort’s cloak by interweaving seven robes with different shades of green.

Each robe would be slightly duller in colour until right at the end of the film, when he had been completely drained of life.

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[Featured Image Credit: JK Rowling / Warner Bros.]

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