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We Asked People “What Do You Most Regret About Your Time In Education?”

It threw out some interesting results…


We all look back on our time in education with different feelings. Some good some bad.

We’ve gone for the old “hindsight is 20/20” and asked those who had finished their time studying “what do you most regret?”.

Personally, one of my biggest regrets what not continuing to learn a second language. Which appears to be a fairly common theme. Taking some time out between college and university too, I’m definitely not alone with that one either.

Below are the answers of people, from recent graduates to parents, whom we put the question to.

Tom: Not studying abroad for a year


Adam: Dropping a foreign language class, only now I realise how useful it would have been to be fluent in another language.


Dan: My subject choice at uni, I did English but it’s kind of irrelevant for any position other than teaching, which I have no interest in doing.


Bobbi: 40k worth of debt. Doing a degree in the first place. Should have done an apprenticeship.


Noel: Being bullied. I shouldn’t have walked away and stopped it at the beginning.


Ash: Because I loved sport so much, I never really opened by eyes to other subjects. I wish I did business accountancy and finance, I just never realised sport had such a limited job market.


Eve: Not researching alternative options to university after my A-levels – apprenticeships weren’t presented as a viable option in my school, but had I had more information I could have saved myself a lot of time, money and stress! Going further back, I regret letting other people’s opinions influence my decisions when it came to which path to take and what to study – I was trying to keep teachers and parents happy, but after all, it’s you who lives with the consequences of those decisions, no one else, so you have to go with your gut!


Buzz: Staying in college as long as I did, I spent a year and a half just turning up to college doing A levels & generally being unfulfilled before I dropped out and started my apprenticeship. To be honest though, it seems to be more of a problem with the system, at no point was an apprenticeship shown as a viable option by career counsellors or teachers.


Jordan: Not taking enough time to decide what I actually wanted to do. I never went to uni but I definitely wish I had chosen different college subjects.


Sam: Being quite reserved. Feel like I could have made more of it if I put myself out there a bit more.

Katie: I regret working so much, I focused more on getting money and then spending it on takeaways rather than focusing. I regret always leaving all my projects until the very last minute. The stress was unnecessary.  I regret not going out as much, I always stayed in and drank at home with my mates which stopped me from going out and meeting people. I regret getting into a long relationship before I started uni. I regret already solidifying my friendship group before going, as it stopped me from making any other friendships with anyone else. I regret not travelling as much as I could have. I regret maxing my student overdraft to £2000 as I now cannot get out of it and hate my life for it.

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