We Ranked The Five Best Episodes Of Black Mirror

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When Black Mirror first exploded onto the scene it took the world by storm, leaving its viewers terrified of going anywhere near technology for the foreseeable.

It’s hard to remember a show that had such an instant impact to the level that Black Mirror did, becoming a label for anything slightly weird that happened in modern society.

Charlie Brooker’s dystopian slant on what the future may hold offered a terrifying glimpse forward that was made all the more worrying thanks to how plausible a lot of the storylines felt.


This is probably the most controversial inclusion in the list, for a lot of people Metalhead was fairly forgettable while others saw it as the highlight of season 4.

It just felt like this recaptured the bleakness that Black Mirror did so well in its early days. From the opening sequence it feels like the main character is doomed and it never really looks up for her, despite that it keeps you gripped until the final moments.

Black Museum

After a traveler stumbles across a museum made up of morbid artefacts and a disturbing main attraction the episode offers a kind of eery nostalgia trip through Black Mirror episodes of the past.

It feels like a lot of storylines rolled into one, though it manages to hold everything together really well, all before a vastly satisfying conclusion.

White Bear

This felt like the first time the show really mastered its ‘big twist’ abilities in another episode that kept us gripped from the first moments before leaving us wondering “what the f*ck” by the end of it.

At the time the episode threw out questions over the morality surrounding crime and punishment and even earned comparisons to a piece of horror legend in The Wicker Man.

The National Anthem

This became ultra-relevant amid allegations made against then-Prime Minister David Cameron, we all know the ones, that were published in an unauthorised biography about the politician.

Those rumours didn’t go public until 2015, which made it even more bizarre that the episode, which featured freakishly similar circumstances, debuted four years prior in 2011.

Shut Up and Dance

It’s been three years since this was released and I still don’t think I’ve ever fully recovered from it.

If White Bear was Black Mirror trialing its twist ending then Shut Up and Dance was perfecting it in complete and utter devastating fashion.

The whole episode was emotionally draining and the final moments just multiplied that by 1,000, the Radiohead-inspired playlist is also very commendable too.

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