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Which Cities Are The Most Expensive To Be A Student?

Regretting your choices?


Picking the city in which you will spend the next three years studying can be a gruelling task.

There’s a long list fo things to take into account and money is arguably the biggest.

Besides, students are barely blessed in the financial department and even less blessed in managing that lack of a financial department.

New research from student search engine,, has revealed the priciest and most affordable student cities and towns in the UK.

It will come as no surprise that London comes out as one of the most expensive cities for students. Though it’s actually Bath that takes the title of most expensive.

The historic town boasts an average weekly rental price of £223.17- just under £100 more per week than the national average. Students in Bath are paying £158 more per year than in London. It is worth noting that

At the opposite end of the spectrum was Wrexham which had a very reasonable average rental price of £79 per week. Whilst Sheffield came out as the cheapest major city, almost £446 per year cheaper than the national average.

There’s good news, too, for students heading to Russell group universities, with major cities falling below the national average for student rent; Loughborough (11th), Sheffield (17th), Liverpool (18th) and Leeds (19th) all make the top 20 most affordable towns and cities for student accommodation.

You can see the top 20 most expensive and 20 most affordable university cities below.

Most affordable:

Most expensive: MD and founder, Dan Roberts, commented:

“What students may not realise when choosing their student accomodation is that there are now a host of options when it comes to student halls. Even in more traditionally expensive cities and towns, including London and Bath, there is a wide range of student accommodation to suit different budgets.

We undertook the Student Rent Index research so that students have a benchmark for each area, and can see how much value they’re getting when they view properties. Our advice is to really spend time looking at a range of accommodation to find what meets your needs and budget; is a great tool for finding the best accommodation to suit you.’’

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