Why Do So Many People Believe The Earth Is Flat?

Featuring global catastrophe setups and time travel.

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“We are indoctrinated into this belief from the moment we first go to school. In that age, before the age of seven, everything you learn you take in as absolute truth. “

Conspiracy theories are as old as time itself, as long as things are happening in the world, people will have their own – often bizarre – versions of events.

Here we’re touching on the rapidly increasing idea that the earth is in fact a flat surface, despite endless stacks of scientific data to suggest otherwise.

All of these points are echoed by Dave Murphy, a former graphic designer, electronic engineer and computer programmer turned flat earth conspiracist. Dave now lives off-grid and travels the world giving talks and is something of a flat earth celebrity.


He has spent the last five years exploring the confusing subject and put forward his reasoning during an appearance on the Blinded Faith podcast.

Here’s his bottom line: “We live on a motionless, flat plane, that is essentially flat water with continents that rise up around the water.

“Strung up around the North Pole in the centre and around the perimeter is what we call Antarctica – but its not a continent.

“It’s literally the rim, a 200 foot wall of ice, followed by 300 miles of ice desert and then two mile high mountains and beyond that, nobody knows.”

Now it’s easy to dismiss all of this straight off the bat – but the sheer rise in the number of flat earth believers make it worth hearing just out of sheer curiosity and often disbelief.

Murphy’s reasoning threatens to make you think “oh sh*t, could he be right?” for a split-second. He makes the point that some pilots he has spoken to stand by the flat earth idea, citing that they don’t alter their flight path to account for the curvature of the earth.

Which on the surface…Is admittedly a little confusing.

“Every time I go on a flight, I always take the opportunity to talk to the pilots. I ask them the same questions. No, they never ever correct for curvature. The only reason the plane stays straight and level is the air flying over the wings, and the weight of the plane, the lift the wings generate and the angle of attack and the thrust.”

“They’re flying straight and level over a curved surface – they’re going to have to correct one of those things. They have to correct for 43 miles of curvature, every hour. And they don’t. They don’t change the wing orientation.”

Of course though, these pilots that do take this belief can’t admit to do doing so, otherwise they would fail their pilot exams and never be allowed near a plane again.

The conversation then threatens to tread on the toes of arguably the most famous conspiracy of all time; that the moon landing was faked.

“If it came out that the earth is flat, first question is: where is all this money going? We’re spending $52M dollars a day on NASA. So where is all that money going if they’re giving us [false] photographs.”


He goes on to explain how rocket launches are simply a sham, and that instead of being destined for space: “They ditch into the sea! Nobodies ever aboard them. Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, 1986. Seven astronauts apparently died. Well, guess what. I found that six of them are still alive, three of them are still using their original names.”

A little research into that though and a lot of it hinges on those on-board the Challenger looking a lot like their siblings, which is barely groundbreaking.

As you’d expect, holding such extraordinary and controversial beliefs does cause an issue with Dave’s old friends though.

“My original friends think I’m crazy. Most of my family are kind of used to it. I’ll tell them something and they’ll check it and they’ll go, ‘oh, you’re right again.'”

But that hasn’t stopped Dave and so many others from not just indulging the theory – but fully embracing and preaching it.

The debate moves on to something far deeper than slightly crazy internet theories too, delving into religion and toying with the idea of a New World Order.

“There’s an elite bloodline here. The only way they could take power is by minimising all of us. The flat earth absolutely screams that this is a created place. Then there must be a creator. If there’s a creator, we are the chief of his creations. That means we are one step below the creator. No man can come to you  and say, you do as I say.


“If you remove the creator. If you remove purpose, then the so-called powerful people can now put themselves above you and say you do as I say. Same people are behind the flat earth, the big bang theory, the theory of evolution, they’re the ones that are in power right now. They’re only there because they’ve relegated us. [Saying] we only came about by accident. If you believe that you can be controlled.

“This small group of people, not only want to control us, they want to remove 90% of us. That’s their stated aim. Depopulation. They keep saying it. There’s too many of us here! This world isn’t overpopulated.”

And what about 9/11? That’s an essential tick-box in any conspiracy theory and this argument is no different.

“I’ve got a weird theory about this. I think we all had a view of a future. We’d be in utopian cities. Flying cars. No work. That’s where we were heading. We were manifesting that. Then, this event was inserted by people who have managed to figure out time – time travel. That event was inserted to skew away from that view of the future”

Yet to be convinced? Murphy has a few tricks you can try at home to disprove the age-old lie that the earth is curved.

“Go to the beach. If you see a sign, with a level edge on the bottom. Position your eyes so that sign matches the horizon. You’ll see how flat it is. You fool yourself into believing its a curve. Even if you take a picture, put it in photoshop. It’s flat.”

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