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Woman Creates Harry Potter-Themed Classroom And It’s Spellbinding

Hog-warts and all!

Harry Potter Classroom

If you’re still a little bummed that you can’t actually go to Hogwarts, you don’t need to worry. One teacher has created a Harry Potter-themed classroom that looks like it’s literally been pulled from the mind of J.K. Rowling herself!

Since way back when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in 1997, we’ve been spellbound by the world of wizards and muggles. As Rowling’s book series grew in popularity, Warner Bros. was laughing all the way to Gringotts with its supersized movie series.

Harry Potter is still as popular as ever and some fans refuse to put down their wands. Delaware teacher Staci Lamb used to be bored with her bland, white, classroom. Coming up with the ingenious idea to add a little magic to the lives of her students, she transformed her teaching space into a perfect Potter paradise.

Posting on Instagram, Lamb showcased her very own changing rooms. As well as covering the walls with a brick facade, there’s Harry’s suitcase and a Hedwig cage to recreate his access to Platform 9 3/4.

Her whiteboard has a House Points scoreboard where she awards them to her students, there’s an actual Sorting Hat, and a Mirror of Erised to encourage kids to explore their desires.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Lamb explains how she’d first tried the idea of a Potter potty classroom last year but added to it for the new semester.

Discussing where she gets her items, Lamb added, “I scour Facebook Marketplace, Goodwill, yard sales, and the University of Delaware campus, especially during move-out weekend. I even find a fair amount of things for free!”

She started her overhaul about a month before school started and admits she “would spend a few hours a day there” perfecting her Potterdom. Elsewhere, we recently covered how you can have your kids tutored in the ways of the wizarding world.

Exam Papers Plus has launched its very own Scool of Magic for all you Muggles. Offering a number of spell-binding packages, the company is putting a Potter twist on home tutoring.

Turning up on your doorstep “in costume”, professors teach a Hogwarts-inspire curriculum through the use of props like capes and wands. If a dodgy Dumbledore doesn’t float your boat, you can spend a few more Galleons and hire a convincing lookalike.

The description explains: “You can now hire not only “Professor Snape” to help your child excel in Chemistry, but a “Dumbledore” themed master to brush up your kids skills in science, a “professor hooch” to teach the power of physics, or number crunching goblins available to help your child get better at Maths.”

Extra studies will also be offered by Nearly Headless Nick who will “give your child a 360 view of haunting history”. There’s even an “extreme enchanted package” that includes a chef who prepares snack boxes for your lil’ wizards.

As for Lamb’s classroom, she says, “The most rewarding experience is watching their different facial expressions and first reactions when they walk through the door.”

Speaking about what she wants to bring to life in the future, Lamb says she’s already planning an Alice in Wonderland theme. Where was she when we were all at school?

[Featured Image: Warner Bros//Staci Lamb Instagram]

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