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Woman Quits Job To Film Herself Eating Takeaways On YouTube

Pass us a knife and fork

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Uh oh, we have another dream job alert. If you’ve got a serious case of the winter blues and fancy packing in your boring desk job for something a little different, how about being paid to eat takeaways on YouTube? While this isn’t the most conventional career path, one woman is doing just that!

As the nights get colder and we find more and more excuses to stay away from the gym during the next few months, it’s time to indulge a little. With all those new Christmas menus knocking around, it’s no surprise some of us are embracing that ‘seasonal spread’. Getting paid to tuck into your favourite nosh sounds like a pretty great way to pass the time until the Sun comes back into our lives.

Charnation Food Challenge
YouTube Charnation

Over on her YouTube channel Charnation, 22-year-old Charna Rowley is making a name for herself as the UK’s first wannabe Mukbanger. For those who don’t know, Mukbang is described as: “A live online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats large amounts of foods while interacting with their audience”.

If you’ve ever seen that bizarre viral video of a woman eating noodles, this is what Charna is going for. Mukbang reportedly became popular in South Korea in 2010 and has grown ever since. The ASMR experience garners some serious views online, meaning Charna has amassed 2.62k followers on her channel.

Fans can request that she eat anything from the likes of Chinese to Pizza Hut, meaning Charna quite literally has her plate full. Explaining why she quit her admin job a year ago, Charna said (via The Sun), “I have over 40k viewers, with about 5K subscribed over all platforms and they can request all sorts.

“One of my first videos was a Pizza Hut one, where I ate two large pizzas and two sides, meaning the calories were straight away in the thousands.

“I’ve had requests for the UK typical takeaways, so that’s why I’ve done videos buying from McDonald’s, Greggs and Pizza Hut.

“I’ll make a minimum of two full-length videos, lasting just under half an hour each, a week, which can cost over £100.”

Charnation YouTube
YouTube Charnation

If all those calories sound like too much to handle, Charna says she tries to keep the pounds off by going to the gym three times a week. One of her videos has an impressive 48k views, but Charna insists she has an ace up her sleeve. She confirms she’s currently working toward the 10,000 calorie challenge.

Charna added: “I’ve just got to show how confident I am – I might get something stuck in my tooth or around my mouth but people love how funny I am.

“I have the negative ones, telling me how fat I am, how I could be really pretty if I try not to eat so much but most of the time I just don’t answer.

“I enjoy it and it gives me confidence – and now that I can monetise my channel and really respond to people’s requests, it can become a full-time career move.”

Where do we sign up?

[Featured Image: YouTube Charnation]

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