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You Can Now Buy Cookie Flavoured Milky Bar In The UK

These look DELICIOUS.

Just when you thought the chocolate game for this year had been well and truly set, someone finds an absolute game changer that throws all bets off.

This time it comes in the form of NewFoodsUK, who found that if you pop on over to website Sanza, you can get yourself the tasty looking Milkybar Cookie, which has been made famous in New Zealand and Australia.


It’s not as cheap as you’d want it to be though if it was actually IN the UK stores, as you have to pay £4.91 per 180g of chocolate, but my god is it WORTH IT. If you want to get your hands on the tasty treat, then check it out here.

If you’re more a fan of chocolate you can buy for yourself down the shops, then you may want to check out some of these tasty treats that are new for 2019.

In the spirit of the return of Great British Bake Off, it would only be right for the absolute babes over at Mr Kipling to drop an exciting new version of their ever-loved French Fancies.

Over the years we’ve seen Halloween orange versions, Christmas snowflakes versions, and even just the standard set of lemon, strawberry and chocolate.

But now, as part of their new Signature Collection, Mr Kipling has dropped the After Dinner Mint Chocolate French Fancies, and they sound bloody divine if I do say so myself.

Credit: Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling

Mr Kipling says that they’re best as an after dinner treat, but if you’re anything like me then they’ll do you just fine as a general all day, every day snack. Obviously in moderation, though… (eats entire box in five minutes).

That’s not all that has landed in the new Signature collection, as the Frenchies are being joined by some Apple, Pear and Custard Crumble Tarts.

Credit: Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling

And finally, quite possibly the most exciting addition as far as I am concerned, is the Chocolate, Caramel and Pecan Slices. Holy MOLY!

Credit: Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling

Sure to give the old Angel Cake a run for its money, these delicious bites are already available in Morrisons and Tesco, for the Mint Fancies (eight pack), and £2.25 for the Pear and Custard Crumble Tarts and Caramel & Pecan Slices. 

Better yet, it’s on a promotional offer for just £1.50 if you get to the shops soon.

Race you there!

[Featured Image Credit: Mr Kipling]

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