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You Can Now Buy Glitter For Your Car Tyres

Time to pimp up yo’ ride.

If you’ve always wanted to pimp your ride, but lacked the funds or were too young to apply for the show on MTV back in the day, then look no further.

You can now buy glitter for your car tyres, making it so you can officially drive around in style, class and become a basic bada**.

 This amazing product means you can bling your ride with glitter tyres
Black Magic / Amazon

The tire colour comes from a brand called Black Magic, and you can officially get your hands on one from Amazon. Not too shabby, eh?

The coat lasts on your wheels for a couple of weeks, and comes with a handy applicator so that you can live your best life and sparkle around your town.

As you can imagine, the product has gone down fantastically with shoppers, with one person even reviewing the item, saying: “I bought this for my daughter because she just loves glitter everything.

“She was so excited and I told her I needed to use it after she did her tyres. Well she’s yet to share she liked it so much.

“Will definitely have to buy again for myself. Arrived a lot faster than it said when I ordered. Thank you.”

HOWEVER, if you’re a resident of the UK then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, because there currently isn’t anywhere that ships here. You can find the product on Ebay every now and again, but it is mostly an American based product.

Don’t fear though, because there is actually a dupe that The Sun found, and it looks like it’ll do exactly the same job for half of the price.

 Halfords is selling a similar glitter product for £7.99

For just £7.99 in Halfords, you can get your hands on this glitter spray that can be applied to most surfaces. Buyers have even mentioned that they didn’t just stop at the tyres, and basically glittered up their whole vehicle. Amazing.

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