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You Can Now Buy Peppa Pig-Shaped Potato Faces

These are perfect for kids!


If you have fussy kids, it may interest you to know that you can now buy Peppa Pig-shaped potato faces. Plus carrots shaped like the cartoon. If that doesn’t encourage them to eat their vegetables then I don’t know what will.

As we make our way into the winter months, and BBQ/salad season is over, those hearty meals are the kind of foods that we need to get us through. So these new additions, available at B&M, could make dinner time a bit easier to manage.


The images have been shared on Facebook, and managed to attract thousands of comments from parents who hope that they will encourage their children to eat vegetables.


The potato shapes are just £1.25, while the peas and shaped carrots are a steal at just £1 per bag.

Annoyingly, you can’t buy them online. And before you trot off to B&M, you need to make sure your nearest store has a frozen section.

B&M has 600 stores in the UK, however just 85 of these will stock the Peppa Pig goodies, so you’re probably best off ringing you local store before heading off, to avoid any disappointment.

If you thought the long-running cartoon caper was all smiles and family antics, we have some horrific news for you. It turns out the titular porky princess is actually over 7ft tall. Someone fetch my hunting rifle, I don’t want a giant anthropomorphic pig knocking on my door.

While you might think this is some clickbait rubbish, head to Google and check it out yourself. YouTuber Memeulous made the discovery when they searched for Peppa’s height. I’m not sure why they felt the need to find this out, but I’m glad they did.

If that wasn’t terrifying enough on its own, the rest of the Pig family are even taller. Mummy Pig towers over us at 11’6, but that’s nothing compared to Daddy Pig’s 14’2 Godzilla-inspired heigh. To put this into context, daddy dearest is as tall as a double-decker bus.

Unless he gets a growth spurt, George Pig is the only ‘normal’ member of the porky family, clocking in at 4’5. Safe to say, the internet was suitably shooketh by this new discovery.

Earlier this year, there were scandalous accusations that American kids are developing British accents thanks to Peppa Pig.

A phenomenon that’s being dubbed as “Peppa-pig syndrome”, parents have been sharing clips of their kids on social media.

Is this is it now? Are we going to have a full generation of American kids speaking with English accents?

The whole thing was first reported on parenting blog Romper, where Roberto Rey Agudo, the language program director of the department of Spanish and Portuguese at Dartmouth College tried to dissect what was going on.

“If your child seems fluid in both American English (a plethora of regional accents, some with more cache than others, as Agudo points out) and Peppa English, that’s because they aren’t processing them as discrete languages, Agudo explains. For example, his daughter, who is bilingual, will ask her grandmother to read Spanish and English books, without realizing they are in different languages.”

Even if kids are developing weird twangs and will be haunted by the vision of giant pigs, there’s no getting over the popularity of Peppa Pig and Peppa’s hypnotic hold over kids everywhere.

Featured image credit: B&M

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