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You Can Now Get A Bath Bomb That Removes Fake Tan With A 10-Minute Soak

‘Tan’ you believe it?

Fake Tan

‘Orange’ you glad you came here? There’s now a bath bomb that will strip you of your fake tan in just 10 minutes. That’s right, no more awkward scrubbing yourself to remove every last bit of St. Tropez.

If tanning is part of your weekly routine, you’ll know removing the stuff is an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, three sisters from Northern Ireland have gone and released a tan-removing bath bomb.

Self-confessed ‘tanning experts’ Lynsey Bennett, Leah White, and Sarah White plan to take the beauty world by storm with their unique invention. Put it this way, if this was Dragon’s Den, I’m sure Deborah Meadon would be investing.

The sisters work at Belfast’s Secret Day Spa and do around 50 tans a week. Their latest product costs just £8.50, which is a little pricey for a bath bomb, but definitely worth it. Speaking to Belfast Live, Lynsey explained how the women were concerned about what they put on their skin — sparking the idea for a tan-removing bath bomb.

“It goes back to the girls in The Secret Day Spa and because they are skincare therapists they’re really fussy about what they put on their skin and a lot of the exfoliator products on the market are quite harsh on the skin,” said Lynsey.

“So we wanted something that was made of essential oils and something that would really nourish the skin and the girls at the spa are obsessed with bath bombs they buy them for birthdays, Christmas, leaving presents, everything and we were all talking saying, ‘what if it would take your tan off at the same time?’, because they tan every single week and that’s where the idea was born.”

She went on to explain that not only will the bath bomb remove your fake tan, but it also leaves you smelling fab too. Lynsey added, “We worked with a local company in Carrick and we got samples of all different kinds of blends because it had to fit with our ethos of good skincare as well and then we finally got our final product which is packed full of essential oils and it smells amazing.

“Your whole bathroom and even the house will smell of lemon and grapefruit oil.

“After about 10 minutes in the bath you will see your tan just soaking off and all you need to do is give your skin a quick exfoliate as well as it’s so important to remove those dead skin cells.”

The Original creators of the fake tan removing Bath Bombs are Australian company, Bath Blendz.

Bath Blendz

According to their press release, the exciting new product description states: “This product is 2 in 1, not only will it remove your old fake tan it also works as a pre tanning primer. You wouldn’t apply foundation without a primer and the same goes when wanting to achieve that perfect streak free tan.

Bath Blendz will be releasing an exclusive collection of Bath Bombs that will be sure to delight the senses; we can reveal some of mouthwatering range will include Lychee & Guava sorbet, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, & Cotton Candy. Look out on their IG for new delicious flavors each month! You’ll be able to snap up a box of 2 for just $19.95 AUD. Head to their website for more info and sign up to their mailing list to be notified of their launch date, exclusive discounts & giveaways!”

Watch out Lush, you could have some competition. Speaking of beauty products, Lush is unveiling its very own bath bomb advent calendar for 2019.

Image result for joyscribe lush bath bomb calendar

The new advent calendar is filled to the brim with exciting bath bombs for all bath time connoisseurs to try. Just get filling your bath, and stick in one of these unrivalled treats.

However, you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on the advent calendar, as there are only going to be 500 sold in the entire world – which does also mean that if you manage to get your hands on one then you’re an extremely lucky person.

The advent calendar includes 24 bath bombs, and will cost around £195.

Here’s the list of all the official bombs included within the advent calendar:

  • Polar Bear Plunge Bath Bomb
  • Happy Shower Gel
  • Fairytale Sugar Scrub
  • Night Bloom Soap
  • Snowflake Body Lotion
  • Golden Pear Glow stick
  • Midnight Massage Bar
  • Candy Cane Tooth Jelly
  • Sleepy Dust Dusting Powder
  • Jingle Spells Bath Bomb
  • Galaxy Lip Scrub
  • Ponche Shower Gel
  • Red Lipstick & Sundry
  • Pop Art bath bomb
  • Warm Sock Bath Melt
  • Butterbear Soap
  • Yog Nog Shower Gel
  • Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb
  • Rudolfs Nose Shower Bomb
  • Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
  • Retro Tree Bath Melt
  • Santas Grotto Bath Bomb
  • Holly Fun
  • Santas Bubble Wand

The official product description reads: “Lavish your loved one (or yourself) in luxury this year, with this opulent advent calendar filled with splendour. The vibrant and decorative design dazzles and delights as the ribbon unfurls and the doors open to reveal three drawers with 24 compartments, housing a bounty of beautiful products.

“With five favourites returning from Lush past, and a combination of limited edition bath, body, and shower products to discover, this gift is sure to score you some extra Christmas pudding.”

10/10, would buy!

[Featured Image: Lusso Tan/Apple]

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