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You Can Now Get A Friends Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack

Could we be anymore excited?

Daisy Store Gifts / NBC

When Cards Against Humanity was first released it brought out a much darker side to us all, one that we never knew we had.

Coaxing our families into uttering disgusting things that you never could have dreamed of, it makes for a great night in.

We’ve seen a lot of expansion packs over the years, one of the highlights being a US Office edition.

Now we have a Friends deck to add to the collection – and while it may not be an official Cards Against Humanity product, it can still be integrated seamlessly.

Daisy Store Gifts

The fan-made fill-in-the-blank game is being sold on Etsy by Daisy Store Gifts and includes 99 grey cards and 180 white cards.

“While there are sufficient cards to be played as a stand alone game, they are sized identically and can integrate hilariously into standard Cards Against Humanity decks,” the description reads.

If you want to splash out on the proper deck, it will set you back £28.47 – if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative you can grab the printable version of the cards for just £4.74.

Daisy Store Gifts

The cards are proving to be a hit too, currently boasting four and a half stars out of five on Etsy.

One customer wrote: “Perfect gift for someone who loves Friends! They’re hilarious.”

Another said: “So funny! Perfect for the ultimate Friends fan! Can’t wait to print them out and I like that it included blanks so we could add our own Friends’ quotes into the mix. Great price and great design!”

If Friends isn’t your thing there are also Game of Thrones and Harry Potter versions, which are bound to be equally as popular.

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