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You Can Now Get Alcoholic Vimto Daiquiris

Yes please.

If you’ve ever tasted Vimto, you’ll know that it’s delicious. So delicious that I’m pretty sure it’s made from the tears of angels.

However, one Manchester-based bar has just gone above and beyond by making an alcoholic Vimto daiquiri.

I sh*t you not…

Credit: theshackmcr/Instagram

Let’s just dissect this a bit. Not only is it a slushy daiquiri, but it also has chewy Vimto bon bons on top, as well as fizzy Vimto sweets to top it off. Is this heaven? I’m pretty sure that’s what’s getting served at the pearly gates.

Writing on Instagram, The Shack in Manchester said: “VIMTO DAIQUIRI!!! We have a new summer craze for you, The Vimto Daiquiri complete with vimto goodies! 🍹🍹 – £7.50”.

Manager Kane Thompson told PRETTY52: “Obviously Vimto is a Manchester based drink – it was invented just around the corner from us so we just wanted to do a take on that.

“Everyone is doing these flavoured daquiris like the Strongbow Daquiris and that kind of thing, so I just thought we’d do our own Manchester version.”

I’m pretty sure that this particular flavour is going to spread like wildfire. I half expect every Student Union in the world to be currently thinking of their own version that they can tailor to the city or town they reside in.

What else can people possibly make an alcoholic drink out of?! We’ve already had Tango Ice Blasts, and parma violet gin.

Credit: Instagram

How incredible does that look?! The thing is, it also looks pretty rare. Like it’d only be sold a hipster shop in the Northern Quarter. If you thought this, you would be wrong. As Wetherspoons has just announced that it’s now available there. Can I get an ‘amen’?!

Speaking exclusively to PRETTY52, a representative from the company told them: “All Wetherspoon pubs across England, Scotland, Wales and NI (approx. 900 pubs) are now serving Sweet Violet from Zymurgorium Gin Co. The drink is always served with a mixer. From Wetherspoon’s viewpoint it is an extension of its wide range of gins.

Credit: Zymurgorium Sweet Violet

The price of it has not been announced, as it apparently varies depending which pub you stagger into. Or walk.

However, a full bottle of the stuff would set you back £25.89. So whatever price tag Spoons puts on it is bound to be a lot cheaper. It’s bloody Spoons.

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