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You Can Now Get Avocado Toast Chocolate Bars And Everyone Is Angry At Millennials

Not going to lie, I am curious.

Ah, the classic millennial obsession with avocados and everything that is so generally wonderful about the fruit.

You know, the obsession that bitter old people love to blame for millennials not being able to afford, well, anything?

Well we’ve now hit the peak of that obsession, in the form of a white chocolate bar infused with avocado on toast.

The creation is the brainchild of Compartés Chocolatier in Los Angeles and obviously it’s only a matter of time before the Daily Mail publish an article along the lines of “MILLENNIALS ARE ALL HOMELESS BECAUSE THEY SPENT ALL OF THEIR MONEY ON AVOCADO CHOCOLATE”.

Obviously, it’s garnered something of a mixed reaction, personally I’m willing to try anything once – often to my own demise.

The whole avocado thing has been taken to the next level in the last couple of years. When Virgin’s millennial railcard didn’t go according to plan, they let passengers use avocados as their discount cards.

We also discovered that Strongbow Dark Fruits could actually be healthier than the humble avo.

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