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You Can Now Get Cocktails Delivered To Your Door

There’s really no reason to ever leave the house now.

In the olden days, when people wanted a cocktail they’d simply go to the pub. Who am I kidding, even now if you fancy one you just go to your nearest bar. Who can be bothered getting in all the ingredients needed for a Pornstar Martini?

Well, that’s all changed now as The Bottled Bartender has invented a way to get cocktails delivered straight to your door. You can choose from espresso martinis, mojitos, margaritas, manhattans and, of course, Pornstar.


They said: “The ready to drink (RTD in industry speak) cocktail market needs a bit of a shake up, its stale & flat with cocktails that don’t contain ‘real’ ingredients or don’t relate to the original drink in any way. It gave us a sad face, so we set up The Bottled Bartender so top notch Negroni’s and delightful daiquiris are never more than a fridge door away. ”


When asked why the cocktails still taste so nice when you receive them, they said: “The secret is, there is no secret. We’re the only bottled cocktail company that makes our drinks true to the original recipes, using high quality branded spirits, genuinely fresh ingredients and top notch expertise

“You won’t find a single preservative, additive, or obscure chemical in any of our drinks. Nor will you try something from us that tastes ‘almost’ like the real thing; they are the real thing. For real.”


They added: “We ship handmade, true to the original cocktails for events, parties, shindigs, soirees, jamborees, weddings and anything else you might require beautiful drinks. Between us we’ve been mixing libations for over 15 years. Every ingredient we use is fresh, every spirit premium, every drink a delight.
Ordering is simple, peruse our shop, add some drinks, we’ll make them and ship them, your job is to drink them. Can’t find your favorite posion? email us, we’ll knock up a batch just for you.”

Well, I’m sold. Head to their website to find out more.

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