You Can Now Get Paid To Be A Professional Wingman / Wingwoman

My time to shine.


Everyone has seen a friend sat at a bar, sweating nervously looking down at his glass whilst edging closer to whoever they have their eyes on.

It’s the friend code. You walk over, get them chatting, and before you know it 3 months will fly by and they’re living together. It feels good doesn’t it? So why not earn some cash for being cupid?

With a wingman (or wingwoman) by your side, you instantly build confidence and if it gets awkward, which it often does, they can have your back to get the conversation rolling again without having to shy away from trying to impress the potential bae. 


Well, with the first professional wingman and wingwoman service launching, people with nerves of jelly can get help without using a dating app, and people with nerves of steel can earn a hefty amount being their companion for the night.

These wingmen and wingwomen, or “chaperones” if you will, will be paid to pump confidence into hopeless romantics, introducing them to potential matches, and the service is now available across the UK.

The website running this rather helpful service is currently searching and recruiting for new “cupids” to match their makers, and they can earn a huge £30/hour for their work.

Owner of this new dating service, Thomas Edwards, said “For some reason, people were really interested and started asking me questions. People would say, “You really helped me, and I’d pay money for that advice.”

“The ideas behind this service go a lot deeper than you may think, when we meet, I’ll get an idea of the person’s dating past: Are they making effort to meet people, or are they in a relationship and they just want to recover? We call this the ‘Wingman Analysis.'”

Thomas (and his gang of trained wingmen) take clients to bars or social events, both packed with social pressure, so it ‘challenges’ people right away, and creates a task for the wingman.

Signing up for the job can be done on the Bark.com website. The advert asks for people who have a “knack” for setting their friends up and enjoy themselves for doing so.

It goes on to explain that you can expect to earn around £30 per hour but, as with all professionals on the site, you have the freedom to set your own rates for your service.

Here’s the guidelines for potential wingmen:

  • Be over 18 years old so that you can get in to clubs and bars with clients
  • Be able to provide dating advice to clients and demonstrate ‘wooing’ techniques
  • Be confident in going up to people, talking to potential partners, and introducing the client to the potential love interest
  • Avoid flirting and getting dates yourself while out with a client at all costs (do that in your own time!).

Words by Will Baker.

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