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You Can Now Get Tango Ice Blasts Delivered To Your Home

Urm… yes?!

If you’ve ever been sat at home, daydreaming about Tango Ice Blasts – then I’ve got some incredible news for you.

You can now get them delivered. I sh* t you not.

Thanks to Desserts Delivered in Newcastle, they can literally be at your door within the hour. I’m jealous of everyone who lives in Newcastle right now. Hopefully, this will become worldwide within the next few months.

This comes after Strongbow introduced Dark Fruits slushies.

The new drink is available from Hungry Horse for a mere £3.99. It looks incredible. Pretty much an alcoholic version of a Tango Ice Blast, but you don’t have to fork out to watch a film as well to get your hands on one.

Just look how beautiful it is…

Credit: Hungry Horse

Straight away, I’m more thirsty than I’ve ever been in my life. It looks incredible. There also seems to be some mixed ones too…

Credit: Hungry Horse

What is that blue bit at the bottom?! Is it WKD? I don’t know, but I want to find out.

Hungry Horse at The Beeches in Birmingham uploaded this shot, and it’s enough to send shivers down the spines of students everywhere. Who needs the students’ union bar when you can get this in your home town?!

Credit: Facebook

Whoever came up with this idea needs a payrise. And I would personally like to take them out for a drink. Maybe a slushie or two, who knows?

All they need to do now is introduce a WKD/Smirnoff Ice version and I’m pretty sure every single student across the UK will get absolutely nothing done all summer. Unless you’d rather have an alcohol-free version. In that case, there’s always the Tango Ice Blasts. Or ask them to do you a Kopperberg zero alcohol? Seriously, the opportunities are endless here.

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