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You Can Sleep In A Giant Wine Barrel Hotel And Drink All The Booze You Want

This is incredible.

Now more than ever, we have the largest selection of places to stay when we go away. Hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, you name it. So it makes sense that due to all of this new competition, people have to step it up in terms of what they can offer guests.

The first, and most obvious route, is to be the cheapest place around. But that’s boring, isn’t it? Why not make your hotel completely unique. That’s the case at Schlafen Im Weinfass – which translates to ‘Sleeping in the Wine Barrel’ in German.

Schlafen Im Weinfass

The unusual hotel, based in Sasbachwalden in Germany, uses barrels that were once used to store the wine in the local vineyard as hotel rooms.

Don’t worry about how small they are, though. There’s all of your standard amenities. You get two barrels for a couple to share – the first one has a bed, and the second has an eco-toilet and living area.

Schlafen Im Weinfass

The barrels, that previously held up to 8,000 litres of wine, are now fully fledged accommodation. They can even be stayed in during the winder months as they have heating.

In summer, there is even a stone patio (with a table and chairs) that overlooks the valley and the breath-taking views.

Schlafen Im Weinfass

But it’s not just the accommodation that you get. Every morning, a basket of pastries, meats and cheeses are delivered by the family who run the hotel to your front door.

You also get a bottle of wine, and breads/snacks for dinner. The best part is that you can buy as much of the wine (directly from the vineyard) that you like.

You’d never even have to leave your accommodation. Who needs to go sight-seeing when you can be seeing double after a few glasses of wine?! I don’t know about you, but I plan on booking as soon as possible.

Featured image credit: Schlafen Im Weinfass

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