‘You’ Director Explains Why The Show’s Ending Is Different To The Book

It’s all about the surprise factor.


Netflix’s creepy new series You has proved to be a hit amongst viewers, even if it is leaving people feeling pretty uneasy about their social media habits.

Warning, this article will contain spoilers.

The premise of the show basically focuses on a guy falling in love with a girl from afar, falling in love with her then using her various social platforms to stalk her and eventually trick her into falling for him.

Caroline Kepnes’ novel of the same title is the source for the storyline, though the show doesn’t follow the book’s every move.

Unlike the book, the Netflix series finished with an unexpected return from Candace Stone, who most viewers presumed was dead.

Only Candace isn’t dead. In the final scenes of season one we see Candace fully alive and with a pretty big bone to pick.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the series’ deviation from the original ending, Sera Gamble said their decision was all about adding an unexpected twist.

“We knew we were going to start flashing back to Candace, as Caroline does in the book,” she explained, adding that the show deliberately misled viewers into presuming Joe had killed his ex-girlfriend.

Justifying flipping fans’ expectations entirely, Sera said: “We just wanted to do something more surprising and [we also realised] that she was such a substantial and interesting character.”

Gamble added that when she read the original book, she believed that the novel would end differently.

“[There] was plenty of material to work with, but also there’s something a little scary and crazy about knowing that that’s the ending of your season,” she added.

“There were so many times when we were trying to bargain with ourselves and see if there was another way through”.

Unsurprisingly a second season of You has already been confirmed.

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