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You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Louis Theroux Action Figures

When Louis Met…Barbie

Louis Theroux

Start saving your pennies because Louis Theroux action figures are officially a thing. The award-winning documentary maker is known for his dry sense of humour, ability to get the best out of his interviewees, and his signature Where’s Wally-inspired look. If you loved watching Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, you can now celebrate the series with a range of Louis dolls.

For three seasons from 1998 to 2000, Theroux explored sections of society that haven’t had much mainstream attention in the media. The show dived into the porn industry, wrestling, Thai brides, and bodybuilding. While Theroux has gone on to have even bigger success with the likes of his Westboro Baptist Church specials, Weird Weekends is arguably where it all started.

Now, Instagram artist ‘Mr. Binky’ has painstakingly recreated tiny Louis replicas to honour Weird Weekends. The dolls started doing the rounds online and even caught the attention of Theroux himself. Mr. Binky confirms they’ll soon be selling the figures online, however, it’s unclear how much they’ll be going for.

Elsewhere, Theroux’s recent Selling Sex documentary was slammed by one of the subjects. Posting on Twitter, sex worker Georgina shared an open letter calling out Theroux and the BBC.

Georgina claimed that filmmakers twisted her words and those of fellow worker Ashleigh for the sake of sensationalism. Writing on social media, Georgina said: “They supposedly wanted to follow a newish sex worker to document that experience, it felt more like they were pushing the stereotype of sex workers being sex workers because something bad happened to them.”

Georgina then highlighted how Ashleigh has autism and she is her carer. The post continued: “She kept telling Louis on camera about her autism to make sure that she wouldn’t be held accountable for saying something wrong by accident,

“They edited all this out. In turn this gave all her jokes and comments no context which could result in backlash for her.”

She went on to say her role was substantially cut and she didn’t get to give her own side of the story about what pushed her into becoming a sex worker. Georgina went on to claim Selling Sex outed her as a sex worker.

The BBC dismissed Georgina’s concerns and released a statement (via Metro). A spokesperson for the BBC said: “Georgina is not identified as being a sex worker in the film, nor is she a subject of the documentary.

Sex workers denounce Louis Theroux’s Selling Sex documentary

“Our initial contact was with Ashleigh, and it was clear that she was the focus of the film, not Georgina. We have addressed their concerns in the final edit of the film, and have listened to their comments throughout the filming process,

“We are confident that Ashleigh gave informed consent to be a part of the documentary as is evidenced by ongoing communication with her. Louis is well-versed with handling sensitive cases and has always had the utmost respect for the subjects of his documentaries.”

There’s no escaping the popularity of Mr. Theroux and his legacy at the BBC. After Weird Weekends, there was the fan-favourite When Louis Met…, The Most Hated Family in America, and My Scientology Movie. Following the success of the Weird Weekends figures, here’s hoping Mr. Binky creates even more Louis Theroux action figures.

[Featured Image: BBC]

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