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Your iPhone Has A Creepy Log Of Everywhere You’ve Ever Been

You’re never alone!

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Big Brother is watching you, and no, we don’t mean the Channel 5 reality show. With our phones barely leaving our side these days, did you know that your iPhone has a terrifying record of everywhere you’ve ever been? Get your tinfoil hats and start coming up with those conspiracy theories.

Like a real-life episode of Black Mirror, Apple is literally clocking everywhere we’re going and what we’re doing. This means your iPhone is keeping track of every time you’ve popped to McDonald’s instead of the gym!

Sure, iPhone’s location services come in handy when you need to find the nearest Starbucks or are lost in a big city, but have you really thought about the darker side of Apple clocking your every move?

The official Apple site confirms that the Significant Locations feature has been hiding under our noses the entire time.

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To see your own Significant Locations, unlock your iPhone and head to the following: Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System -> Services -> Significant Locations. It will not only show your Significant Locations (for some interesting reading), but will also let you turn it off.

Keeping a log of places you visit most can be utilised to find out where is “significant to you”, but it could also expose that affair you’ve been having for the past six months.

Apple claims that it uses this information to provide personalised services “such as predictive traffic routing, and to build better Photos Memories”. Still, I think it sounds more like something pulled from the nightmarish mind of Charlie Brooker.

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It’s not all doom and gloom though. Apple claims that the information is only stored on your specific device — meaning it can’t be leaked like Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes — and that the company will never share it with anyone.

Even if someone tried to hack into your phone and find your significant locations, it would require the likes of Face or Touch ID. Just be careful where you leave your phone if you’re going for a nap.

Using Bluetooth, GPS, wi-fi, and cellular data, it’s scary to think we’re always being tracked. Who needs to sign up for the next series of Hunted when Apple is on your back?

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