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Your Old Pokemon Cards Could Be Worth £5,300 Because Of One Small Detail

You could be sitting on a goldmine.


If you’ve still got a box of old Pokemon cards sitting under your bed or in an attic somewhere, it could be time to dig them out.

That’s because a select number of them are fetching up to a staggering £5,300 on eBay among collectors.

The most valuable cards at the moment are ones from between 1999 and 2000.

These are from an era of ‘shadowless cards’ and are apparently extremely sought-after.

Shadowless Pokemon cards were printed before a redesign that added a shadow on the right hand side of the card – these shadows look like the background of the image is coming out of the right-hand border.

Even if you don’t think you’ve got any of these super-valuable cards, it could be worth having a double check to see what any leftovers are worth regardless.

Ms Martin of told The Sun: “You’re probably never going to lose money, although they’re not going to reach the dizzy heights like the old ones.

“Yet there are some cards that will give you more than you paid for the packet.”

The highest sum ever paid for a Pokemon card to date came at auction in the US three years ago.

This involved a sum of £43,450 for a Pikachu illustrator card. Originally it was a prize for winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest, and it is thought there are now fewer than six in existence.

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