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Zara Has Launched A Black Version Of THAT Dress And It Looks Even Better

It caused a huge stir on social media.


In case you missed it, there’s a ridiculously popular Zara dress that is taking the internet by storm. The white spotty dress is described as ‘incredibly versatile’, and is often paired with a simple leather jacket.

It seems that Zara has realised the power of the dress, and has now brought out a black version.

Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in Australia, but surely it will be available at a Zara near you imminently. Judging by the amount of comments on the Instagram account’s post regarding the black version, it’s very much desired over here in the UK.

The white one is available for £40, so it’s probably safe to assume that the black will will be the same price. Fans of the style say that it’s perfect from every event – from office wear to nights on the town. People have also said that it suits every body shape.

An image of the popular white Zara dress alongside the black version.

In fact, the dress is so ridiculously popular, that there’s even an Instagram account dedicated to sightings of it in public, and on TV. Yes, it’s really that much of a big deal.

The Instagram account has over 20k followers (at the time of writing), and showcases different spottings (excuse the pun) of the dress. There’s also memes and videos.

The description of the dress on Zara’s website reads: “Flowing, round neck dress with sleeves falling below the elbow. Featuring a ruffled hem and a buttoned opening in the back.”

If, like me, you’d never heard of the dress before, then I can’t even begin to properly explain how popular this garment is.

The Instagram page is actually organising a national ‘wear THE dress’ day, to get everyone to wear it at the same time. So, if you’re walking to work in a few weeks time and you suddenly see hundreds of women wearing the dress – then it’s probably that day. Or it’s just got even more popular. Who knows?

Featured image credit: Zara

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